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Simply Clean Your Skin: A Deep Dive on the Norwex Body & Face Cloth

Problem: breakouts, residue, soap scum
Solution: Norwex Body & Face Cloth


Sometime after I started having kids, my face decided that it was no longer compatible with all the “normal” things I was doing, and the breakouts were unreal! Nothing I did touched it. I mean, I tried everything: organic, natural, loads of chemicals, daily disposable cloths that created a pile of trash, scrubs, washes, treatments, cheap things, ridiculously expensive products. Nothing worked. This went on for years. I resolved to hate my once-nearly-perfect skin.


When I was first introduced to the Body & Face Cloth, I thought my leader was nutso. No lie. I thought, “I’m mostly all for the ‘crunchy’ lifestyle, but I’m not THAT crunchy. You want me to wash my whole body with a cloth and water?!” Guess what . . .I was wrong.


At my launch party, my mother-in-law won one, and then she forgot it at my house. Lucky me! I figured if it was there, I would try it. I gave it a 2-week deadline to show me how amazing it was. I washed my face with it, and I washed my right arm with it. Everywhere else, including the left arm, I used the bar soap I was used to. Before the time was up, I noticed that the water droplets on my skin were different on my left and right arms. I also noticed that my face completely cleared up. It was simply amazing.


So, why use this cloth instead of your favorite body wash and loofa?


Soap is meant to clean your skin, right? Well, turns out – that’s only half the story! Soap is meant to LOOSEN dirt, grime, environmental free-radicals and old skin cells, but it’s not necessarily tasked with REMOVING those things. Kind of gross, right?!


The Norwex microfiber used to create the Body & Face Cloth was designed to do all of the above, including reducing acne-causing bacteria by more than 99%!


You’re left with fresh, gently-cleaned skin. Bonus? The REMOVAL of all the ick promotes healthy, new skin to shine through more easily!


BacLock is Norwex’s micro-silver agent! After you’ve used your Body & Face Cloth (or any Norwex cloth with BacLock on the tag), you should rinse, wring and hang it up to dry. As the fibers are drying, the silver is getting to work, breaking down all the things that would normally create odors in cloths and towels. This means that you won’t have a stinky wash cloth to use the next time you go to wash your face! It also means that you won’t be washing your face (or body) with a wash cloth that is harboring nasty bacteria, mildew and fungus.


Sounds delightful, doesn’t it?! I know I’m not the only one that touches a mildewed towel and then proceeds to smell their fingers for hours to make sure the smell is gone . . .right?!


Get ready for a shock. . . I only use this cloth and water in the shower. That’s right, no body soap at all! Outside of this cloth and water, I only use shampoo, conditioner, a toothbrush and toothpaste in the shower (p.s. all of those are also from Norwex – hello, one-stop-shop!). Can you imagine the amount of soap scum we DON’T have in the shower?!


Can you imagine how much money we save NOT buying all of those products that I didn’t list? How much money could you be saving by giving up face wash, body wash, bar soap, shaving cream/gel, etc.?


We’re also skipping a ton of single-use plastics by opting for a reusable cloth, instead of bottles of body care products!


If you’re a loofa user, I dare you to cut it open and see what’s lurking inside. These commonly used mesh tools are not drying out in the shower between uses. They’re also not getting rinsed out all the way. You’re showering with your old skin cells, dirt and grime, over and over and over again. Plus, bacteria gross in warm, damp environments, like your shower. Check out these pics!

On top of that, do you know what’s in your body wash or soap? Have you read the ingredients and then looked them up to see how bad they are for you? Did you know that the scent is one of the worst things for you? Did you know that clean doesn’t have a smell, and that includes your body? These products provide a sudsy, lovely smelling cocktail of chemicals that are soaking into your pores every time you take a shower. You can knock out a whole list of them by switching to the Body & Face Cloths!



Wet the cloth, wring out the desired amount of water, wash your face/body. The end!


It’s that easy!


On the “desired amount of water,” here are some details:
  • The more water left in the cloth, the less exfoliating it will be.
  • Use more water for sensitive areas, such as your eyes. Never scrub your eyes with the cloth. Gently blotting is much more effective.
  • The less water left in the cloth, the more exfoliating it will be.
  • Use less water on dry areas that need exfoliation, like your heels. You can also use less water to exfoliate areas before shaving.
  • If you find that your skin is becoming more dry than usual, use more water in the cloth. Easy fix!


When you’re done, simply rinse, wring and hang to dry! Always make sure the cloth dries out completely before you toss it in the hamper. I use one side each day and then launder. The general idea is “3 for the week,” which is great, because they come in 3-packs!


Body & Face Cloths are available in solids, stripes and ultra-plush. My personal favorite is the Coastal Pack, because I’m a big fan of all things teal (but I really do like the plain-Jane solids), and my husband’s preference is the ultra-plush.