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My Top 5 Favorite Must-Haves for Pets

Our furry companions bring joy and unconditional love into our lives. But let’s face it, they also bring their fair share of messes and stinkiness. Keeping a home clean when you have pets can be a challenge, especially when it comes to choosing safe cleaning products. Our pets are more susceptible to being harmed or poisoned by cleaning chemicals, because everything they touch and lick becomes a food contact surface. All of the chemical residue goes into their digestive tract and bloodstream. Pretty scary, right?!


That’s where Norwex steps in, offering a range of products that not only keep your home sparkling but also ensure the safety and well-being of your beloved pets, as well as the people that love them. You can clean effectively using only water and Norwex microfiber, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals. Your pets can roam freely without the worry of toxic residues harming them. And everyone in the home can breathe easier, knowing they’re not inhaling toxic fumes that can cause issues with endocrine systems, lungs, brain function and so on.  Cleaner air means a healthier environment for all!


Let’s check out my top five product (or combo) recommendations for pet owners!

Paw-Print-Free Floors: Norwex Mop System with Rubber Brush

Our pets love to explore, leaving adorable paw prints everywhere they go. Norwex Mop Systems, designed to trap dirt and bacteria effectively, leave your floors spotless without the need for chemical-laden cleaners. Now, your pets can roam freely without tracking in dirt, ensuring a cleaner and safer home for everyone. This also ELIMINATES chemicals that could be absorbed into their foot pads or licked off the floor! This is amazing news, as those chemicals come with all kinds of warnings!

From getting all the hair up and away, to “washing” the ick from the paw/foot traffic and drool, the mop is your one-stop shop to clean floors!

Keeping Windows Safe for Licking!

The EnviroCloth and Window Cloth are THE combo for cleaning windows and mirrors in your house! This is so important for our pets, because they lick all the things! At our house, it’s like our back door glass was meant for tasting! The last thing we want is for our pets to lick the residue from harmful chemicals. Plus, window cleaner and paper towels leaves a streaky mess behind that no one wants to look at! All you need is these two cloths and water!

Keep Contaminants Off Your Floors!

The first four steps into our homes are where 85% of contaminants come in. Translate this to what a pet either drags in from outside or out of the litter box! The contaminants that come into the home (or out of the box) can include fecal matter, urine, pesticides, parasites, dirt, bacteria, grime and more! These are tracked all over the house, if we don’t have a great solution set up! These mats can be placed at the door or by the litter box, and they can also go under pet food/water bowls!

Odor-Free and Fresh: Norwex Odour Eliminator

Let’s face it, pets have their odors. Norwex Odour Eliminator doesn’t just mask smells; it neutralizes them, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean. No more lingering pet odors, so you can hang out and entertain without worrying if that trademark pet smell is hanging around! Plus, it’s a concentrate and lasts for so long! Just mix it 1:7 with water in a spray bottle and spray.

We had an incident with our dog and an explosive 💩 situation! She tried to tell us she needed to go, but she doesn’t bark. Poor girl. But, boy, did we know we missed the signals! It was probably the most horrible thing I’ve ever smelled. Desperate, I grabbed my Odour Eliminator and sprayed the area. I was AMAZED within moments! No. More. Smell.

*not to be sprayed ON the pets 😉

Clean the Pets!

Norwex Pet Mitt:

The Norwex Pet Mitt is designed with your pet’s comfort and hygiene in mind. Crafted from incredibly soft and durable microfiber, this mitt is perfect for giving your pet a gentle massage while effectively removing dirt, dander and loose fur. The Pet Mitt is machine washable, making it a sustainable choice for pet grooming. It’s perfect for all pets, especially those that don’t want to get into the bath. It’s also great to keep by the door for muddy paws in rainy or snowy conditions.

Norwex Pet Towel:

Drying your pet after a bath or a playful spin outdoors is now a breeze, thanks to the Norwex Pet Towel. It’s highly absorbent and quick-drying. The towel effortlessly soaks up moisture, leaving your pet’s fur dry and odor-free in no time. Its compact size makes it ideal for both small and large pets. Plus, it has pockets for your hands so your furry friend can’t slip away and run amuck through the house!


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