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If you’re looking to shake up the way you clean, ditch chemicals and/or learn a whole bunch about what lurks in our homes, you’re in the right place.

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If you’re new around here, I’m so excited to introduce you to clean, safe products that I love!

I’m all about easy cleaning and reducing toxic chemicals in our lives. I do that almost exclusively with Norwex products. I first discovered the cloths in 2014 and was amazed at how easy it was to use every single thing I tried. I love sharing about the products, because EVERYONE can use them! They’re simple, effective and safe for people, pets and the environment.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to raise this generation and the next in homes where toxic chemicals aren’t a factor?! It’s possible! Let’s do it together!


Body & Face Cloths

You’re going to love our Body & Face Cloths. This is perfect for the busy mom, adventurer, teen, athlete or summer spectator. Water and the cloth remove all the sweat, grime, makeup and other daily environmental residue.

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Travel EnviroCloths

These are our go-to when we’re out and about! We use them for grocery cart handles, workout equipment (hello, sweat from other people. yuck!), restaurant tables and menus, airplane tray tables, and on and on. So. Much. Gross. Stuff! When we have these with us, we can effectively removed up to 99% of bacteria and all kinds of ick from surfaces we’re going to be touching, all while not absorbing nasty chemicals into our skin and lungs.

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Optic Scarves

Love this scratch-resistant and chemical-free way to clean my glasses, sunglasses, phone screen, jewelry and other accessories on-the-go! It’s made from super soft microfiber and removes oil, dirt, dust, lint and grime. The clip attaches it to my purses, tote, camera bag, range bag, etc., so it’s always with me! There are several cute prints, and Norwex often runs special ones, outside of what the catalog offers.

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