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Caring for your cloths is easy! Let’s cover the basics:

Daily: Normal End-of-Day Care

  • wet cloth under very warm or safely hot water
  • rub the cloth against itself
  • rinse out
  • wring out water
  • hang to dry


Daily: Dirtier Cloths

Do the “daily” wash, but add a bit of Norwex Dish Soap or a sprinkle of UPP to the washing routine.

Weekly: Laundry Day

  • wash cloths in the washer weekly (or when deeply/grossly soiled)
  • use hot water
  • launder with other microfiber or lint-free items
  • no bleach
  • no fabric softener
  • use Norwex laundry detergents for best results
  • dry in dryer on low or medium
  • allow to dry completely
  • no dryer sheets (let’s discuss that, if you’re using them!)
  • if air drying, always hang instead of laying out
*A note for high-efficiency washer users: The water volume in your machine is based on the weight of the contents. Wet your cloths before putting them in the washer or add more water to the washer.





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