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Norwex Floor Systems

Problem: chemical cleaners that leave behind residue, buckets of nasty “water” and gross stuff from your floors, sloppy mop heads that grow ickies as soon as you’re done mopping, a stinky mop that lives in your garage, pantry or laundry area.

Solution: Norwex Floor Systems! Clean with WATER! That’s it! No toxic chemicals, not buckets to lug around, no dirty mop staring at you every time you pass it.

Norwex has so many great options for our floors!


Keeping your home a Safe Haven can be challenging, especially with the amount of pollution, pesticides, dirt and debris you track in from outside. Rather than coat your floors with even more harmful chemicals, use our eco-friendly microfiber mop system to harness the power of static electricity and water to get them sparkling clean! Replace your traditional dry mop/broom, messy wet mop and heavy bucket with this green home-cleaning alternative to clean up dust, dirt and bring out the natural beauty of your floors using only water. As an added bonus, you won’t need to worry about you, your family or your pets absorbing chemical residue into sensitive skin.

The mop packages come with a Telescopic Handle, Base, Dry Pad and Wet Pad.

You can make your package even better when you select the mop package that includes the Rubber Brush – a must-have Norwex product for your Dry Mop Pads, EnviroWand, Entry Mats and Dusting Mitts.



Check out the systems and their parts here:

Mini Mops

Any Norwex Floor System will help you mop with ease. The Superior Mini Mop Package is a smaller size, great for smaller homes and RVs! It is also the perfect size to fit behind most toilets. A big win for the bathroom!

You can purchase this mop package with either a graphite/black or blue/green handle.

Large (Standard) Mops

This is our “standard” mop, and the size I love the most. It does a great job on all of my tile floors, and has also done a great job on my laminate and wood floors that I’ve had in previous houses. In over eight years and four houses, I’ve not come across a mess I couldn’t clean with this mop system!

You can purchase the “large” Mop Package with one of three colors of handle: graphite/black, blue/green and gold/rose (Nordic Naturals).

This Mop is the one that comes in our Consultant Package, and it’s also often a host gift from Norwex!

Large Mops with Rubber Brushes

The addition of the Rubber Brush makes this the perfect Mop Package! I use my Rubber Brush for so many things. It does a lot of heavy lifting in cleaning my Dry and Chenille Mop Pads, EnviroWand, Entry Mats and Dusting Mitts.

This size is the exact configuration that comes in our Consultant Package. The option that Norwex has chosen for that is the graphite/black, which is super neutral and goes with almost every décor.

XL Mop

This system’s pads are over 30% wider than our large Mop Base and Pads!

This high efficiency mop system is ideal for larger homes or spaces with mostly hard flooring. The XL Wet Mop Pad contains Norwex’s exclusive, antibacterial BacLock® agent, which helps the pads not get stinky and gross (thing about all the bacteria and ick that mop in your garage is harboring!). The XL Dry Superior Mop Pad is great for collecting hair, dirt and dust.

Mop Handles

The length of the pole can be between 38.58″ – 62.99″. Simply stand with your foot on the Mop Base and adjust so that the top of the Mop Handle is between your nose and chin. This is the most ergonomic position.

Mop Bases

The Mop Base snaps into the Telescopic Mop Handle and features an easy locking mechanism to hold firm for cleaning walls. Velcro® strips on one side secure Mop Pads to the base, and rubber edging protects walls and furniture.

Dry Mop Pads

The Dry Superior Mop Pad is constructed of statically charged Norwex® Microfiber to pick up the smallest particles of dirt, dust, crumbs and more. This will replace sweeping, and it so much more efficient than vacuuming your hard floors, which I realized once I got a new vacuum with a bright LED light on the front!

It is available in graphite/yellow and champagne (to go with the Nordic Naturals Mop System) for our Large system, yellow for our XL and graphite/yellow for our Mini System.

Wet Mop Pads

Heavy-duty Norwex® Microfiber quickly removes bacteria and thoroughly cleans floors and walls with water only. It’s like an EnviroCloth for your floors.

Remember: The amount of water you leave in this pad is not the key. The microfiber does the heavy lifting. Simply wet and wring as much water as you can out of the pad, or use the Spray Mop Attachment to spray the floor in front of you as you go.

For the Mini and Large Systems, this pad comes in graphite/teal. For the Nordic Naturals, it will be rose quartz. The XL Wet Mop Pad is blue.

The Mop package comes with both a Dry and a Wet Mop Pad, but the options don’t end there. Check out the different pad options that you can add to your mop system.


Tile Mop Pad

Quickly and easily scrub dirt and debris from floors with this pad constructed of special nylon fibers woven into super-absorbent Norwex Microfiber. The Tile Mop Pad gives you extra cleaning power wet or dry on hard surfaces. Special nylon fibers are woven into our microfiber pad to make removing dirt and debris from tile floors quick and easy.

Chenille Mop Pad (aka my favorite!)

This is my absolute favorite Mop Pad. It’s like an EnviroWand for your floor!

Extra-long, nubby chenille microfiber is statically charged to pick up and hold dirt, dust, pet hair and other large particles and crumbs. Best for baseboards, walls and ceilings.

You can even mop up spills with this pad!

Window Cloth Mop Pad

Taking clean windows to new heights, our Window Cloth Mop Pad easily brings high windows to a sparkling shine! Also great for polishing high-shine floors including natural stone.

Make sure you disconnect your Sprayer Attachment before you hold the Mop “upside down.”

The mop, itself, is amazing! Even amazing things can be made more awesome! Check out these great additions that can help your mop do so much more than “sweep” and mop! 



Our bendable EnviroWand makes cleaning around furniture, under the fridge, and all those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies a breeze.

Plus, it’s a great alternative to single-use dusting pads and chemical-laden sprays. It easily attaches to our Telescopic Mop Handle (sold separately) to reach high windowsills, ceilings, ceiling fans and picture frames. The removable sleeve has nubby chenille on one side and microfiber on the other and works like magic to gather dust and dirt from even the most difficult-to-reach places!

You can bend the EnviroWand into many configurations! We use it straight down our dryer vent and bent over for ceiling fans and HVAC registers.

Spray Mop Attachment

This handy reservoir easily attaches to your Norwex Mop System, providing a handy supply of water wherever and whenever you need it.

Make sure to pop the reservoir out when you go to clean your windows or dust your fan blades. You’ll get a little damp, if you don’t!

Rubber Brush

Easily cleans Mop Pads, Entry Mats, Dusting Mitts and EnviroWand. Just brush debris into the trash after use. It also quickly removes hair, lint, crumbs and dust from textiles, pets, car seats, furniture and carpeted stairs.

Grout Brush Attachment

Tough, durable bristles in a unique v-shape quickly scrub your grout back to life. No harmful cleaning chemicals needed.

Squeegee Attachment

Use our squeegee with the Multi-Use Handle or Mop Handle to quickly dry windows, shower doors, car windows, tile, marble, mirrors and more—even rippled surfaces.

Rubber Broom Attachment

This multifunctional broom and squeegee head is perfect for tackling messes all over your home! Its electrostatic action easily removes pet hair and fuzz from carpeted stairways, with no fly-aways to chase down. Flip it over and the durable rubber squeegee side is great for drying floors, windows and more.

We use this attachment to get debris out of my truck bed and to sweep excess water back into the shower area.

Multi-Use Handle

Combine the handle with our Mop Bases and Pads to customize your own hand-held cleaning system. Or combine it with our Squeegee Attachment to remove water fast, leaving a streak-free surface.

Don’t miss the brush in the bottom of the handle! It is great for keyboards, lampshades and those hard-to-reach places in your vehicle!

Entry Mat

Trap dirt at the doorway!

Like what you’ve seen with the attachments? Guess what! You can order a few of them as their own system! Don’t get me wrong. You can absolutely connect them to the Mop Handle that you’re going to have when you buy a Mop Package, but you can have the other systems at-the-ready all by themselves, too!

Hand-Held Cleaning System

Our Hand-Held Cleaning System takes the expertise of the Norwex Mop to small spaces. Now you can extend your power to polish and shine way beyond windows! Perfect for all kinds of smaller jobs throughout the house, the Hand-Held Cleaning System is a must for shower doors, French doors, glass, tile, as well as car, truck and camper windows.. The tip of the handle holds a small bristle brush to clean cracks, crevices and hard-to-reach spaces. Simply unscrew the top and remove the brush to use.

This system comms with the Small Mop Base and Small Window Cloth Mop Pad. I would recommend the Small Tile Mop Pad for cleaning the shower, as well as the Small Wet Mop Pad for cleaning windows before you polish them with the included Window Cloth Mop Pad.

You can add any of the Mop Bases to the Multi-Use Handle, if you’re looking to knock out more area. I would stick with Small or Large for this, as the XL is harder to handle with the small handle.

Hand-Held Squeegee System

Much like the Hand-Held Cleaning System, this pair includes the Multi-Use Handle and the Squeegee Attachment. This is a great for the glass in the shower and car windshields! It was revamped in 2022 to do an even better job!

Rubber Broom System

This multifunctional broom and squeegee head is perfect for tackling messes all over your home! Its electrostatic action easily removes pet hair and fuzz from carpeted stairways, with no fly-aways to chase down. Flip it over and the durable rubber squeegee side is great for drying floors, windows and more.

We love having this system ready to go! We keep one next to our shower to make sure all the water is getting to the drain, and we keep one on our upstairs porch to make sure the rain doesn’t stay with us. It’s also great for when I spill dirt or mulch in my truck bed.

Hand-Held Grout Set

Our Grout Brush Attachment has tough, durable bristles in specially designed v-shape to make quick work of grout cleaning. Use it with our Multi-Use Handle in smaller areas like foyers, bathrooms and showers, along with a Norwex home care cleaner of your choice, to quickly bring grout back to life. Set includes:

  • Multi-Use Handle
  • Grout Brush Attachment

Clean Grout System

Our Grout Brush Attachment has tough, durable bristles in specially designed v-shape to make quick work of grout cleaning. Use it with our Telescopic Mop Handle in larger areas like kitchens, hallways and bathrooms, along with a Norwex home care cleaner of your choice, to quickly bring tiled floors back to life. Set includes:

  • Telescopic Mop Handle
  • Grout Brush Attachment

Clean Grout System

Here are some other great floor helpers!

Clean Carpet Set

An ultra-concentrated carpet cleaning formula that’s tough on stains and odors from pets, dirt, grease, organic waste, and food and beverages, including wine and chocolate using natural enzyme action—in an economical set!

Mattress Cleaner

Not just for mattresses, our Mattress Cleaner is a unique, enzyme-powered formula designed to help remove organic material and allergens, providing a deep cleaning of body oils, pet dander and other contaminants from pillows, comforters, pet bedding, fluffy toys and fabric furniture.

It’s also great for floors, especially where urine or its residue! Use it for the base of the toilet or toddler/pet messes on the floor.

That’s it for floor systems! I hope you learned about the system that would be most beneficial in your home. Please reach out to me if you’d like more info or have specific questions about any product you’ve seen here.

Happy mopping!



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