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What’s in store for the rest of June?

This week, we have a super fun BOOKING BOOST going on (June 19-25)! Snag new bookings for June or July and go to Consultant Connection to make a post and tag #julbookingboost! Norwex is doing DAILY drawings, along with 5 GRAND PRIZE drawings at the end of Boost Week! Names go into the draw for every June & July NEW Booking!

💡 Do you have a “dud” party on the books that’s just hanging out in your back office? USE it!
Offer a “jump start” or an “adopt a party” option to the first x number of people who book in June/July.
You can do this one-on-one or in your VIP group!
All of this is happening over in Consultant Connection!
Let’s set the stage for a strong close to June & an even stronger summer business!

Tonight is the night! Join everyone over in Zoom at 7pm CT and watch my friend Kim Zahradka do an amazing demo for YOU and ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS/GUESTS! This is the easy button, my friend! Invite your people, Norwex does the party, and you get the sales! You and your guests do not have to do anything for this except for register! Make sure to follow up with those that say they want to attend!

There will be one last Norwex-facilitated party NEXT WEEK!

Here are the recordings from week 1 with Emily Jones and week 2 with Michelle Zhang! These are great trainings, in addition to their helpfulness in sharing Norwex this month! Watch them and then share a takeaway in the team group for a prize drawing!


After the party, you can invite your guests to join Debbie for a chat about the Norwex opportunity! Who do you know that would benefit from extra income this summer? These calls are every Tuesday at 8pm CT in June, and when your guests joins your team, they get a $25 shopping spree from Norwex! Register for the meeting here!



There are loads of Norwex specials this month! They end July 1st at noon CT!


Reactivate for FREE

Are you DORMANT? It’s YOUR month! Reactivate for free, just by signing into your back office and clicking “reactivate.” It’s that easy!

If you need help with this process, please reach out to me! I am happy to help!


Consistency Rewards


Party this month, earn extra summer cash AND new products for free!


Rubber Brush

Spend $99 this month, and you can add our awesome Rubber Brush for just $9! If you have a Mop, Dusting Mitt or Envirowand, you WANT this brush! Everyone with a pet will also benefit greatly from this simple product!

These specials will automatically pop up for you to add when you reach the minimum subtotal amount.

Mini Envirowand

Check out this super fun addition! The Envirowand has been around for a long time, and it’s a fan-favorite! Norwex added this special mini just for June! You can snag it for $29 when you spend $110 in subtotal this month!


Spring Bundles Sale


These are INCREDIBLE bundles, full of Spring Exclusives!

Mission Bundle

Every month, we have a special Mission Bundle, full of products that will help you transform your house into a safer haven for you and your family, and they come together as a package with a special discount!

$29 or Less Sale

It’s our birthday! Norwex is turning 29 this month, and we have so many fun items on sale!


June Hosting Specials

Who do you know?

Who do you know that could benefit from FREE Norwex?! All of our rewards are on Norwex!

Who can you reach out to this week and ask to host with you?

Make a list, snap a pic and send it to me! This will be our second team drawing!

July Hosting Specials


All the Options

Did you know that we have THREE ways for new consultants to join this month? Each one is awesome, but I’m going to give you my opinion . . .I actually recommend that EVERYONE start with the $29 option. Why? Because that’s the best deal! With the $29 kit, they’re getting about a 50% discount on the famous Household Package (enviro, window cloth and dusting mitt). Plus, they have the ability to EARN the full kit (including the MOP) completely free! They can also earn all sorts of bonuses along the way! Our new consultants also get their website free for six months!

Upgrade Any Kit!

I also highly recommend this upgrade package when starting your Norwex business! All of these products are amazing, and they come with an additional discount, on top of our already amazing 35% discount! I have not always promoted this package, but now I love it! Norwex really has made a great effort to change this and put in amazing products! This package is only available for purchase when they’re joining, and it automatically earns them this box of freebies!

What’s coming up in July?

How much will you grow your business this summer?

Jump into our summer camp and ignite a new fire that will ENCOURAGE DAILY/WEEKLY ACTIVITIES, help your circle live healthier lives, ignite your business and boost your income and PROVIDE summer fun!

YOU CAN grow your business & STAY ACTIVE with A few SIMPLE, intentional tasks THAT are fun AND EASY!

Are you in?! Tell me in the survey under the New Year pic!


July 1st at noon CT starts a BRAND NEW Norwex year!

I would love to hear about your goals for your next year with Norwex!

Third drawing!!!

Check out the current catalog!

Thanks so much for being a valued part of our team with Norwex!