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What’s in store for the rest of June?

Parties & Classes

This week, we are celebrating some super awesome young people whose moms are in our FB community! They’re all heading off on new adventures in adulthood, and we would love for you to hang out with us! Come by and learn about what awesome products are great for young adults to start off with, whether it’s in a dorm, a new job or living situation – Norwex has them covered!


Next week, we’ll be classing on Norwex-in-the-kitchen! Come hang out with us! We’re going to be learning about all the best products for your kitchen! Want to host during this class and earn FREE Norwex? Check out the hosting section of this newsletter for an awesome incentive just for you!


Game Night! Don’t miss our next game night on June 29th at 7pm CT! We’ll be playing Norwex trivia, and there will be prizes!

There are loads of Norwex specials this month! They end July 1st at noon CT!


Rubber Brush

Spend $99 this month, and you can add our awesome Rubber Brush for just $9! If you have a Mop, Dusting Mitt or Envirowand, you WANT this brush! Everyone with a pet will also benefit greatly from this simple product!

These specials will automatically pop up for you to add when you reach the minimum subtotal amount.

Mini Envirowand

Check out this super fun addition! The Envirowand has been around for a long time, and it’s a fan-favorite! Norwex added this special mini just for June! You can snag it for $29 when you spend $110 in subtotal this month!

Monthly Specials

Spring Bundles Sale


These are INCREDIBLE bundles, full of Spring Exclusives!

Mission Bundle

Every month, we have a special Mission Bundle, full of products that will help you transform your house into a safer haven for you and your family, and they come together as a package with a special discount!

$29 or Less Sale

It’s our birthday! Norwex is turning 29 this month, and we have so many fun items on sale!

Summer Hosting Specials


I have FIVE special links that are ready to be adopted! These events already have orders on them, and they’re ready to be picked up by lucky new hosts! The first FIVE people to snag a June or July date will “inherit” one of these links! I’ll start with the one with the most orders and go down the list! You’ll be starting ahead on earning awesome FREE Norwex!

June Hosting Specials

July Hosting Specials

Book Your Class!

June & July are amazing months to host! I would love to share with your friends and family over during one of these months! I have the following dates open for classes:

June 27th (kitchens)

July 11th (floors)

July 18th (back-to-school/Norwex-in-the-classroom)

July 25th (bathrooms)

June Business Specials

Have you considered starting your own Norwex business?

During our birthday month, there are three ways to open an account with Norwex!

All the Options

I actually recommend that EVERYONE start with the $29 option. Why? Because that’s the best deal! With the $29 kit, you’re getting about a 50% discount on the famous Household Package (enviro, window cloth and dusting mitt). Plus, you have the ability to EARN the full kit (including the MOP) completely free! You can also earn all sorts of bonuses along the way! I would love to chat with you about all of fun freebies you can earn, including your website for free for 6 months!

Upgrade Your Kit

I also highly recommend this upgrade package when starting your Norwex business! All of these products are amazing, and they come with an additional discount, on top of our already amazing 35% discount! This package is only available for purchase when you’re joining, and it automatically earns you this box of freebies!

Check out the current catalog!

Thanks so much for being a valued part of my business with Norwex! Your support is appreciated!