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I LOVE our Rewards Club, and I’m super excited to kick off 2024 with amazing new products and rewarding you with freebies!

Club BONUSES that you can earn!

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Tell me what’s on your wish list! This should be the top 5-10 things you’d love to receive as gifts! I will try to get everyone at least one item from their lists! Please make these less than $50. Also, remember I have this list! If you order something off of it, you might get it as a reward. I will not be going back to look through all the Club orders in July to check.
In addition to Rewards Club, you can earn loads of free Norwex products in a few different ways! Please check off any that apply to you right now. I would like to . . .
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Please note that this is something I have resisted doing for a long time. I’ve just reached the point with shipping costs that I need a little help to offset the UPS/USPS fees.
Any comments or questions?
There is an additional requirement of $5 as a “shipping helper.” This is a one-time fee per club.
I have resisted this for a long time, but the constant increasing of UPS/USPS pricing is making it a necessity for me. I truly appreciate you doing this for me, as part of the Club experience!
If you don’t have an online method of payment, you can mail me your payment.


Allison Bailey
PO Box 214
Peaster, TX 76485

Yay! Let’s get to earning rewards!

You're all set, if you've sent the form and your $5! You'll get a reminder text from me by the 4th of each month. The link to order will remain the same for all three months. Please try to use that link.