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Welcome to my Norwex Skin Care Class!

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Welcome to Cleaner, Safer, Better Skin Care!

First Things First: The Why

Next Up: The Simplified Routine

Step 1: Cleanse

Cleanse the Day/Night Away

The first thing we need to do in our skin care routine is clean our skin! Seems simple, right?! But how many times have you gone to bed without washing your face? I’m sure guilty of that!

Here’s how we do that at Norwex!

Check out more info on the dangers of sleeping in your makeup here.

Cleansing Facial Powder


morning and night

I personally use the powder about 2-3 times a week. If I wear makeup, that is one of my days.

removes dirt, makeup, sunscreen and environmental pollutants

Dispense about a dime-sized amount of powder into very wet hands; rub together to create a foam. Apply in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly.

Body & Face Cloths


morning and night

 I use the Body & Face Cloth every day, twice a day.

removes old skin cells, dirt, makeup, sunscreen and environmental pollutants

Wet cloth with water. Wring out some of the water, just so that it’s not dripping. Gently wipe face with cloth. Pay close attention to not rub under eye or eyelid areas. Rinse cloth in hot water, wring and hang to dry.

More water = less exfoliation; less water = more exfoliation.

How to Do Step ONE

Our focus on Step 1 has gotten more serious this year, with the addition of the Cleansing Facial Powder! This is a secret weapon for deep cleaning your face. It helps prevent critters (didn’t know there were critters on your face?!) from overpopulating, and it even includes a prebiotic to help build up and protect your skin’s microbiome!

Body & Face Cloths:

These are my absolute favorite product that Norwex makes! These cloths changed my skin from a broken out mess to completely clear in under two weeks, when I first started using them in 2014.

They are my “stranded on a desert island” Norwex item!

We have a few additional options for mechanically cleaning your face.

Step 2: Treat

Treat Yo' Self!

Next up: Treating the skin on your face. We all need a little pampering and self-care in our daily routine! Add these two product in to help smooth, hydrate and protect your skin!

Renewing Eye Cream


morning and night

I personally use this before the Serum. The world’s your oyster! Do what feels best for you!

smooths, revitalizes, helps combat dark circles & puffiness

Dispense small amount onto ring finger; pat gently around eye area.


Our eye cream can be used anywhere on your face! Lots of brands caution against this (because chemicals!), but not so with ours! Use it on your upper lids, fine lines and other crinkly spots!

Rejuvenating Serum

morning and night

smooths, renews, hydrates and protects

Pat gently onto cleansed face, neck & décolletage (ahem, low neck/cleavage line).

How to Do Step TWO


Step 3: Moisturize

Ready, Set, Glow!

Hydrating Moisturizer

Illuminating Oil

How to Do Step THREE

Step 4: Protect

Protect the Skin You're In!

Protect & Prevent Mineral Sunscreen

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