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My Story

I’m Allison, married to Aaron and mom to Ashton, Abigail and Amelia. We live just outside of the DFW area in Texas. We are almost always together, these days. Aaron and I work from home, and we homeschool the kids. We are always on-the-go to this activity or that. We love Jesus. We travel. We play hard. We love what we do.


When Ashton was 6-years-old, Aaron worked from home, I was a stay-at-home-mom, and he was in first grade in public school. I remember him asking me one day if he could help me clean. My response? “Thanks for wanting to help, buddy, but I’m using chemicals.”


I knew they were bad for him. I knew they were bad for his dad and me. I knew they were bad for his baby sister and his dog. But I was complacent. “Natural” products never worked. How much money had I spent, and I had a glass kitchen table (hello, biggest parenting faux pas ever!) that was either covered in glued-on food or streaks left behind by whatever I was using to clean?! Always. Not to mention, there was always a mountain of paper towels in the trash when the job was somewhat completed.


Enter: Norwex.


My sister-in-law invited me to a “party.” A cleaning party. Yay, me. I tried hard to make up excuses for why I couldn’t schlep myself 45 minutes north to her house. In the end, a family friend convinced me to ride with her and her mom. Off I went to meet them. My husband yelled out the door behind me, “don’t spend money, and don’t join a company!” You can see how that turned out.


What did I find at this so-called party? I found that I was the grumpy guest, sitting in the chair with her arms crossed, anxiously awaiting the snack-and-chat portion of the afternoon. That was . . .until I heard the Norwex lady (now my friend and leader) say two things:

  1. I’m going to completely remove raw chicken from the counter.
  2. The kitchen towels don’t smell like mildew the next day.


That was it, y’all. I’m not even sure I had to see her do the demo! But she did. And it was amazing. She completely removed the chicken juice from the counter, and she had a little test swab to prove it. I had to have these magic cloths that would make cleaning so easy! I had to let my son clean! I had to preemptively save my relationship with my future daughter-in-law! I was sold.


It wasn’t just that though, my friends. I saw this for what it was. I saw this as a way that I could bring income into my home, without sacrificing the time I had with my kids. I walked right up to that Norwex lady and asked her how much money she was making. I saw the host plan/rewards. I saw that my friends could help me share these amazing products, while earning hundreds of dollars in Norwex freebies – without being out a dime!  I saw the potential.


To her credit, she didn’t promise me the world. I saw it was there, though. I’m pretty decent at math. I can see how things add up quickly. I knew there were other moms out there that wanted a safer, faster and easier way to clean around their kids and pets. I knew that other moms really did want to get together and talk about why it was so dang hard to clean an oven without feeling like they were going to suffocate or rid the bathroom of that dreaded urine smell.


I convinced Aaron to let me “try it until Christmas.” That was in August of 2014. As I lay here typing this, we’re in Hawaii, on our second earned incentive trip, after nine Norwex-paid-for Christmases, we can all tell how that trial run turned out. It’s hard to list all the things Norwex has allowed me to take off of our family budget. To name a bunch: enrichment activities, extra tutoring, music lessons, horseback riding, golf, dance, tennis, homeschool materials and curriculum, most of our streaming services, and on and on the list goes!


Has this journey always been sunshine and roses? Of course not. This is real life over here, including the addition of a third kid (who’s never lived in a home where toxic chemicals have been used!). What it has been is amazing. The financial benefits for my kids have been such a blessing. And the friendships I’ve built with other women are incomparable. This community of women I work with want only the best for me. They are family and have blessed me beyond measure. People I’ve met at events, customers, hosts, team members, corporate staff, business coaches, consultants that aren’t “related” to me, mentors, other leaders . . .all huge blessings that I wouldn’t have, if not for Norwex.


There is no get-rich-quick scheme. I treat Norwex like a job, not a hobby. I love what I do – teaching others to clean in a safer, easier, faster way.


If this sounds like something that might fill a void for you, schedule a quick call with me or shoot me a message. I’ll happily send you more info. No strings attached.


If this business isn’t right for you or your family, that’s really okay! I’m honored to have you join me on this journey as a customer and/or host! More than anything, I just want to know that there are more families out there, learning about how to clean safely around their people.


P.S. I know phone calls can be challenging while juggling all the things. Feel free to simply reply with any questions or reach out to me at 817.618.0814 or on FB Messenger at m.me/allisonlbailey. 

Allison Bailey


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