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Hi! I’m Allison with Norwex, and I’m on a mission to help families eliminate toxic chemicals from their homes. I’ve partnered with Mary Kay to help her share some of her favorite Norwex products with friends and family, just like YOU!

If you’re looking for less toxic cleaning options or just to save time in doing the cleaning, you’re in the right place. I realize there’s a chance you’re here with no idea what Norwex is. Maybe you don’t even clean your own home. Regardless of the path you were on before today, I’m super excited that you landed here with me. I would love to show you all the things! I can’t wait to get to know you better and support you as you make your home a safer place for your family to be!

Be sure to say hi in the form at the bottom of this page! I would love to connect.

Mary Kay and I are so happy you have made it here! We know you are busy, so we are keeping this easy-peasy!

I want to make sure you know how to navigate this page. You will see demos and product info, and you will also see a link at the top and bottom of this page that will take you straight to Mary Kay’s event ordering link. There are lots of product links throughout this page, in either bold/underlined words or with “buttons.” You can add those items to your cart and then choose Mary Kay as your host at checkout. Filling out the form at the bottom of the page will help me make sure your order gets credited to her event.

If you should need help figuring out what to order, you can always call/text me at 817.618.0814 or fill out the “contact me” form at the end of this page.

Who We Are

Why We're Here

Here’s the Science Behind Norwex Microfiber:

Let’s Learn About the Products!

Safe Haven 5

The Safe Haven 5 is the best place to start with Norwex! It completely replaces your cleaning cabinet with cleaner, safer and better products – for you, your family and the environment!

Household Must-Haves

If you’re looking for the basics, this set is for you! I always recommend having at least these three cloths/mitt in everyone’s home! You can tackle almost every cleaning job with these two cloths and mitt!

Top Wish List Items

Mop System

This is THE mop to own! It’s the top item on so most people’s wish list, as a matter of fact! It comes with a 5-year warranty on the hardware and 2-year on the pads. It can tackle any mess on hard surfaces, including dusting your walls. (Did you know you’re supposed to do that?!)

You can purchase the mop system and its components or earn it for free ANY month by hosting or joining as a new consultant!

New Skin Care Line

Norwex has been working on releasing this for quite some time! The new skin care system is amazing, and I love it! I could talk all day about how nice the products look and feel, and I would love for you to try them!

All of the products, except for the Illuminating Oil and the Sunscreen come with refillable packaging. The refills come at a cheaper price point and can be added to our AutoSave program, saving you an extra 10%!

Kitchen Must-Haves

Cutting Boards

Did you know that using a plastic cutting board results in shards of plastic getting into your food?! Pitch them and use a Norwex board! Our cutting boards are made of biodegradable materials and are a great sustainable alternative to plastic boards.


  • Food-grade silicone grip ring ensures board stays in one place.
  • USDA certified 53% biobased content from plants and other renewable sources. Made from biodegradable materials.
  • Super helpful gusset that runs around the border to trap liquids.
  • Easy to clean. Dishwasher safe (avoid high-heat settings).
  • Convenient die-cut hole for hanging or storing.
  • Formulated without: BPA, toxic byproducts, heavy metals and harmful substances such as melamine.

Available in three sizes:




Kitchen Cloths & Towels

Super-soft, absorbent and fast-drying. Made from 70% recycled content. Non-abrasive and safe on most kitchen surfaces.

Densely woven, superfine Norwex Microfiber physically removes up to 99% of bacteria from a surface using only water when following proper care and use instructions.

Norwex Microfiber uses a combination of static electricity and capillary action to pull dirt and grease up into the fibers and away from the surface.

Mix and match! Unique channel and diamond textured weaves come in 5 colors each to complement every decor. Colors match our Kitchen Towels.

With less lint than traditional cotton cloths, these cloths and towels help provide a friendlier environment for allergy-sensitive individuals. Saves time, money and the environment with chemical-free cleaning and no paper towels.

When wet, BacLock goes to work to protect the cloths from odor-causing bacteria.

Available as singles and as parts of money-saving sets:

Channel Textured Cloths

Diamond Textured Cloths

Cloth Trios: Channel and Diamond

Channel Textured Towels

Diamond Textured Towels

Cloth & Towel Sets: Channel and Diamond

Dish Cloths

From doing the actual dishes to scrubbing sticker trash off of glass to acting as a colander to getting all the fine hairs off of corn to swiping up flour and other baking disasters – the Dish Cloth does so many jobs! It’s definitely in my TOP 5! I even use it to scrub our showers and tubs!

Fresh Produce Wash

This is one of my all day, every day products! We wash all of our produce with the wash to get all of the funky stuff (chemical residue from fertilizers, pesticides, dirt and bacteria) off, which makes it so much safer to eat!

This fruit and vegetable cleaner naturally cleans using a plant-based formula with biodegradable ingredients to remove any  It also helps to extend the life of your produce – keeping it fresh, longer.

USDA certified 99% biobased content made from plants and other renewable sources, so it’s safer for your family and the planet. No scrubbing required with this produce cleaner – simply spray or soak and then rinse.

Bathroom Must-Haves

Bathroom Cleaner

Full clean with minimal effort! Get the bathroom cleaner that does it all – and saves you money and storage space. Replace multiple cleaners with one cleaner for your porcelain, tubs, tile and floors – making them sparkle and shine.

This all-purpose bathroom cleaner provides a deep clean without any strong fumes or corrosive ingredients – leaving your bathroom cleaner, safer and better. Not only does it clean without using any harmful chemicals, but it also descales and eliminates sources of odors.

The Bathroom Cleaner is meant to be diluted 1:7 with water, making one bottle last a long time. The Forever Spray Bottles are perfect for this!

My favorite way to use the Bathroom Cleaner in the shower areas is to pair it with a Dish Cloth! That’s right! The very same Dish Cloth featured in the Kitchen Must-Haves section above! Great news: They come in a 2-pack! One for the kitchen and one for the bathroom!

Clean Grout System

A brand new addition to our floor system line-up, our Grout Brush Attachment has tough, durable bristles in specially designed v-shape to make quick work of grout cleaning. Use it with our Telescopic Mop Handle in larger areas like kitchens, hallways and bathrooms, along with a Norwex home care cleaner of your choice, to quickly bring tiled floors back to life.

If you already have a Mop Handle or handle from our Hand-held Cleaning System or Envirowand, you can purchase the grout brush separately.

Set includes these individual items:

Telescopic Mop Handle

Grout Brush Attachment

Probiotic Clean Surface Set

Did you know that probiotics produce enzymes that attack specific stains, grease and grime on hard surfaces?! That’s what makes this cleaner so powerful! We use water and our cloths/mop for all things, but we add this for grout cleaning and around toilets, because it works for three days, creating new enzymes to gobble up what’s left in the cracks and crevices!

Here are some features of this cleaner: 

  • Removes stubborn, set-in stains, grease and grime from hard surfaces.
  • Like elbow grease in a spray.
  • A multi-surface cleaner using surfactants and probiotics to help remove residue easily.
  • Surfactants help remove dirt, grease, grime and more by surrounding and loosening particles so they can be easily wiped away using microfiber.
  • Probiotics produce enzymes, which break down soils of their type when they come into contact with them. Water then washes away the broken-down soils.
  • Probiotics naturally continue working to remove traces of grime and odor from surfaces for a time after you’re done cleaning.
  • Probiotics degrade soils you can see as well as those hiding in the smallest cracks and crevices.
  • Saves money and packaging: one bottle yields up to four fills in a Spray Mop Attachment or up to two Forever Bottles with Sprayer
  • Safe for wood, tile, vinyl, stainless steel, marble, granite, copper, glass and unsealed grout. For all other surfaces and special coatings and finishes (like quartz), test in an inconspicuous spot before use.
  • USDA certified 76% biobased content from plants and other renewable sources.

Set includes these individual items:

Probiotic Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate

Forever Bottle with Sprayer, sea mist

Bath Mats

Bath mats might seem to be a strange “must-have” for someone who has all the Norwex, but I LOVE our mats! I love that they contain our BacLock agent and resist the growth of all the nastiness that causes gross odors, and I love that they stay put! I can’t count the number of times that I’ve walked into the bathroom and found my husband’s (not-Norwex) mat bunched up in a corner! These have become a must for us!

They’re available in Heathered Oatmeal and Graphite, for both warm and cool decor. We also now have two different sizes. If you have a lot of space, I recommend the runner!

Find them here:

Bath Mat

Bath Runner

Personal Care Must-Haves

Body & Face Cloths

These are my absolute favorite product! They have had the most impact on me personally, because they helped to completely clear up adult acne for me! They really help exfoliate the skin, leaving behind a fresh slate for healthy, new skin to take over. You can even use them before you shave to exfoliate and remove the need for shave cream/gel.

The amount of individual chemicals that using these cuts down is incredible! And with the elimination of face wash, body wash, shave products, etc., you can imagine the amount of soap scum that’s also reduced.

I use these from head to toe, with only water. Zero soap! Do you have to give up soap? No, you don’t. But I always encourage those new to the Body Cloth to give it a two-week trial without.

Bath Towels

Striped & Solid Towels

Ultra-Plush Bath Towels

XL Ultra-Plush Bath Towels

The Bath Towels are definitely high on my “must-have” list. I use them every day, and so does everyone else in my house. However, we are a house divided! My favorite towel is the Striped, and my husband and son love the Ultra-Plush. The girls use whichever one is clean and in their cabinet.


Your mouth deserves a cleaner, safer option that provides the best oral care. Refillable brush and reusable handle make this toothbrush a better choice for the environment and for you. Curved handle provides a non-slip grip for comfortable and secure brushing and the flexible nylon bristles effectively and gently clean teeth, promoting optimal oral health.

Choose either soft or medium bristles for gentle, effective cleaning. One replacement refill included, additional soft and medium refills are available.

Available in a blue and green.

Dry Shampoo


  • Absorbs excess oil and instantly builds volume and texture.
  • Upcycled rice powder, usually discarded during food production, helps absorb excess oil.
  • Formula is easily applied with targeted precision.
  • Saves time and water with less washing and drying.
  • Free from harmful chemicals and earth-friendly.
  • Provides denser-looking hair over time.
  • 22,222 pumps of hair-loving, volume-building dry shampoo.
  • Lasts approximately 9–12 months, depending on usage.
  • Vegan (absolutely no animal ingredients).
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Packaged in 30% PCR plastic bottle with 50% PCR collar and pump.
  • Refill pouches coming soon.
  • Available in our AutoSave program.

New Arrivals

Current Specials

Spend & Get Specials

Check out these amazing specials you can take advantage of at $99 and $110 in subtotal!

  • FREE shipping for everyone at $99!
  • Snag an Exfoliating Facial Mitt for just $5 when you spend $99!
  • Get an Illuminating Oil for $35 when you reach $110!
  • 30% off Last Chance section!


Do you want it all? I have two great options for you!

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Who doesn’t love free product?! I got you! Plan your own event with me! Norwex rewards hosts with shopping spree rewards! You get to pick whatever you want!

I do the following types of events:

  • Home Parties
  • FB Classes
  • FB Game Nights
  • Scroll Parties (just like this)

Do This With Me!

If you’re looking for a few hundred dollar monthly bump, a new side hobby or a full-time gig, I would love for you to consider Norwex! I found my home when I joined Norwex – financially and with community!

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