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I’m Allison, and I’m on a mission to help families remove toxins and chemicals from their homes. I also love sharing finds that I know will make other families’ lives easier!

If you’re looking for info on how to live a greener, less toxic and less stressful life, you’re in the right place. I can’t wait to get to know you better and support you as you I help simplify all the things!

Simplify Cleaning

Simplify Your Cleaning Routine

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of decreasing toxins in homes everywhere! I’m aiming for easy, simple and clean, when I clean.

My favorite products from Norwex can be found here!

Check out the whole arsenal and ask me anything!

Simplify Skin Care

Simplify Your Slumber


Have you ever loved a pillowcase so much that you made sure you traveled with it?!

Does your pillowcase actively fight bacteria, mold and fungus within its fibers?

If your answer isn’t yes to both of these, this needs to be your next purchase!

Simplify Your Skincare Routine

If you don’t know what’s in your skincare, you should pause here. Women use an average of 168 individual chemicals in their personal care products EVERY DAY, each with its own body burden capability.

Instead, check out the Norwex skincare line and all it has to offer: superior cleansing, treatment, hydration and protection!

My Favorite Amazon Finds

Simplify Home Safety

Simplify Your Lights (and Outages)


Fun fact: I have a bachelor’s degree in emergency management.

This is one of my favorite “emergency/contingency” finds!

We recently had an abrupt power outage, and these were super helpful! When they’re plugged in, they’re charging. If the power goes out, you can click a button (or use a remote) to turn the light back on! You can even place them in their holder and use them in a tent or other “not-at-home” situation.

We have them strategically placed in a hallway and in the kitchen.

They last for varied amounts of time, depending on which of the three settings you select.

Simplify Organization

Simplify the Water Bottles


Have a ton of reusable water bottles? We do!

In an effort to be more “green,” we try to take our water with us and not rely on one-use water containers. But we’re left with a ton of space-suckers!

I’ll admit that I was super skeptical about this one, but it has been a great addition to our kitchen organization! It fits our skinny bottles and our bigger (32 oz) steel cups. We did raise the shelf in the cabinet to accommodate the four tiers. We could easily have used the two side-by-side or in a different cabinet configuration.

Simplify Sports & Kid Activities

Simplify the Sports (Balls)


Our kids play a lot of sports, and this thing is a must-have! We absolutely love the simplicity and functionality of this little tool. You can set it to soccer, American football, volleyball or basketball. Once it’s on, you insert the needle into the valve and press the power button to start inflating. It automatically stops when it reaches the appropriate PSI. Amazing!

You can also use it to deflate, if you’re needing to save space.

Simplify Aging (for those in the 40s)

Simplify Your Sight


Not so fun fact: I had to have cataract surgery in my 30s. I’m one of those medical weirdos. I go big or go home!

My surgeon warned me that I’d lose my reading vision, and he wasn’t wrong. I learned from my mother-in-law that my best plan for life was to have readers laying around everywhere. These are my favorites!

Simplify Summer

Simplify the Splashing


We absolutely love this above-ground pool! It is 10′ in diameter, and we were able to fit it on our covered back porch. The pump works great, and works optimally when sprayed out with daily use. The filter is easy to take apart to make this happen!

Simplify Water Testing


These strips made testing our pool water a breeze! They are easy to use and read! I had no idea that having a small backyard pool would be such a chore, and these really make my mornings easy!

Simplify the Chlorine


We had a 10′ above-ground pool on our back porch this summer, and this was our favorite chlorine dispenser. We didn’t overload our pool with chemicals, but we did monitor all the levels and use this fun floater to add the amount of chlorine that we were comfortable using. This is for use with the tablets.

The lights were super fun!

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